Tuesday, April 2 @ 7 PM in Manhattan [silent film accompaniment]

When: Tuesday, April 2nd @ 7PM
What: El Último Malón (1917)
Dir. Alcides Greca, 63 min, new digital restoration

Four years before Robert Flaherty premiered Nanook of the North, writer Alcides Greca mounted his own early documentary experiment in Santa Fe, Argentina, thus anticipating, like Flaherty, both visual anthropology and the fictionalized representation of vanished cultures and events. Divided into two sections, in its first half, El último malón describes the immiserated conditions of the mocovíes natives in northern Santa Fe. Its second half reconstructs, in part with the same protagonists, the mocovíes’ attack on the town of San Javier in 1904.

El último malón was rescued from oblivion in 1956 by documentary filmmaker Fernando Birri and the Santa Fe Documentary Film School with their exhibition of an original tinted 35mm print supplied by the Greca family. In 1968, the film club Rosario commissioned a 16mm reduction, made by technician Fernando Vigévano. Today, the 35mm print is considered to be lost. This 4K version was extracted from the 16mm reduction print, preserved by the Film Museum Pablo Ducrós Hicken, Buenos Aires.

With an introduction by Andrés Levinson, curator at the Museo del Cine de Buenos Aires.

Where: Maysles Cinema
343 Malcolm X Boulevard, New York, NY 10027
Directions: The #2 and #3 train station is two blocks away at 125th street. You can also take A, B, C, D, or #4, #5, #6 to 125th street and walk or take a bus to Lenox Avenue

Admission: $10 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/el-ultimo-malon-tickets-58102338659

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