Canadian debut! :)

On June 8th, Silent Sundays at the Revue Cinema in Toronto invited me to play for Buster Keaton’s THE NAVIGATOR. It was my first time accompanying this film, and my very first time playing in Canada!! :)

silent sundays

A big thank-you to Silent Sundays curator Alicia Fletcher and everyone at the Revue Cinema for having me. I had such a wonderful time.

It was a Sunday afternoon, so there were many families and children in the audience. Right before the screening, I was introduced to a lovely 3-year-old girl named Lenny, who came to the movie theatre for the first time in her life!! So honored to be a part of her very first movie theatre experience. (Her aunt Maureen took a photo us together and posted it on twitter. :))

And speaking of photos, here’s a photo of Alicia and me, in front of the Revue Cinema. :)

With Silent Sundays curator Alicia Fletcher @ Revue Cinema in Toronto, Jun 2014カナダ・トロントのレヴュー・シネマにて、Silent Sundaysキュレーターのアリシア・フレッチャーさんと。(2014年6月)

Friday August 15th, 2014 by Makia Matsumura
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