Saturday, February 28th, 2015 @ 7:30PM in Culpeper, VA [silent film accompaniment]

When: Saturday, February 28 th at 7:30PM
What: SHOES (1916, 60 min., dir. Lois Weber) with MABEL’S BLUNDER (1914, 13 min., dir. Mabel Normand) and MATRIMONY’S SPEED LIMIT (1913, 14 min, dir. Alice Guy)

Renowned silent era writer-director Lois Weber drew on her experiences as a missionary to create “Shoes,” a masterfully crafted melodrama heightened by Weber’s intent to create, as she noted in an interview, “a slice out of real life.” Weber’s camera empathetically documents the suffering of her central character, an underpaid shopgirl (Mary MacLaren), struggling to support her family. Weber details Eva’s growing desire for the pair of luxurious shoes she passes each day in a shop window, her self-examination in a cracked mirror after she agrees to go out with a cabaret singer to acquire the shoes, her repugnance as the man puts his hands on her body, and her shame as she breaks down in tears while displaying her newly acquired goods to her mother. “Shoes” was named to the National Film Registry in 2014. Makia Matsumura will provide live musical accompaniment for the program, which also will feature the National Film Registry comedy shorts “Mabel’s Blunder” and “Matrimony’s Speed Limit.”

Where: Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation
19053 Mt Pony Rd, Culpeper, VA 22701

Admission: All Packard Campus programs are free and open to the public, but children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. For general Packard Campus Theater information, call (540) 827-1079 ext. 79994 or (202) 707-9994 during regular business hours.

Saturday February 28th, 2015 by Makia Matsumura
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